Planning Your Move Guide

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Moving Day Isn’t Every Day!

Let’s face it – you don’t move your business every day (and that’s a good thing!); and there’s nothing like Moving Day to provide the potential for you and your people becoming completely overwhelmed with details, tasks and logistics.

RCS is here to guide you through the process and to help your commercial move experience to be as pleasant as possible and to pull it off with as little disruption to your normal business day as possible.

  • Move Team: It’s important to establish a team of “Captains”, divvying up responsibilities so that nobody is overwhelmed; Develop an overall project schedule and time-line.
  • Telephones: Determine what your telecommunications needs will be in your new space; also determine if you own your current handsets and if they need to be moved.
  • Computers/IT: Designate an IT member to be the Move Captain for IT; this person will coordinate with RCS for plug/unplug and re-plugging of all machines and racks.
  • Furniture: Complete the new furniture installation and punch list before the move starts; determine which (if any) furniture will need to move into storage.
  • Copiers:  Make sure your leasing company is aware of your move; Determine whether your lease will be carried over or a a new lease generated.
  • Property Management: All members of the Move Team should be fully aware of the exact details of closing out your existing lease; Discuss the move details with the property managers of each location; Discuss time restrictions and truck parking details for each location.

Packing & Labeling Tips

If you mislabel a box when you’re moving your home, it could cost you some inconvenience and time. If you mislabel items in your commercial move, it could cost you a heckuva lot more than time; precious productivity and dollars go hand-in-hand. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your office or workspace for moving day.

Getting Ready for the Big Day

Tip #1 – Purge, Destroy, Shred and Send to Off-site Storage.

Don’t move years of accumulated files and papers into your new office. Schedule several “Purge Days” prior to your move and ask RCS about destruction bins and recycling containers to facilitate this process.

Tip #2 – If it’s sentimental, take it home.

Pictures, paintings, frames, trinkets all have a great deal of sentimental value. We recommend that your associates take home anything of sentimental value.

PLEASE NOTE: Damage to personal items, photos, frames, etc. are not the responsibility of RCS.

Tip #3 – There’s a big difference between “Full” vs. “Over-Packed”/“Under-Packed”!

A “Full” box is just right; boxes that are over-packed will not close properly and put items inside them at risk. Boxes that are under-packed may be crushed when stacked, so combine boxes as necessary.

Tip #4 – Go Green with Plastic Crates instead of Boxes.

Consider using 3.0 cubic foot plastic moving crates that include one dolly for every four crates. This efficient solution eliminates the risks of handling heavy boxes and the need to construct and then flatten the moving boxes.

Tip #5– An Untagged Item is an Unmoved Item!

This is for your own protection. If any item is un-labeled, we will not put it on our trucks. Please make sure your associates know: No Label, No Move for that item.

Using Color-Coded Labels

RCS will provide you color-coded labels for use on each box and piece of furniture. Print your NEW room number on each label with a black permanent marker. If a box has other labels attached, please remove the old labels to avoid confusion.


– Place the label on the SIDE of the bookcase.

– Put shelf support brackets in a sealed envelope and tape it to the inside of the bookcase.RCS moving sticker

– Stack removable shelves (with labels) in the bottom of the bookcase.


– Place the label on one end in the upper right corner.

– When using your own box with a secure lid, please place one label on an end of the box in the upper-right-hand corner.


– Place a label on each chair’s back support area

– If the chair is fabric, place the label on an arm or leg.

Chair Mats:

– Place label on one corner.


– Place a label on each computer piece (keyboard, monitor, CPU, cords, etc.)

NOTE: All cords should be kept together (along with mouse, mousepads, etc) in a 2-gallon Keyboard bag provided.


– Place label on the top.


– Place label on glass and desk pad where visible and appropriate.

– Pack all contents into boxes.

– Leave glass tops and desk pads on desks.

– Place label on desk top.

NOTE: If your desk has grommets or cord drops, please remove and pack in one of your boxes.

Desks (secretarial):

– Place label on desk top and top of return.

– Leave desk for RCS to disassemble as needed.

NOTE: If your desk has grommets or cord drops, please remove and pack in one of your boxes.

File Cabinets (vertical):

– Place label on the front right corner of the top drawer.

– Please tape keys on top of the cabinet.

NOTE: These may be moved full if stairs are not involved.

File Cabinets (lateral):

– Place label on the right corner of the top drawer.

– Cabinets must be emptied before move.

– Pack contents in boxes, crates or library carts and put label on end of box or cart.

NOTE: Please lock the cabinet and pack keys in your boxes.


– Place label on lamp and lampshade and remove the lampshade.

– Remove light bulbs and pack carefully.

Pictures, Maps, Bulletin Boards:

– Place label on glass.

– Remove object from wall so they can be grouped by size, wrapped in quilted padding and moved in commercial bins.


– Label container on side.

– Check with company that attends plants for any special instructions.


– Place label on the top


– Check with your phone company to determine who should move the phones.

– If RCS is responsible, place label on each phone, unplug and leave by desk so they can be moved in commercial bins.


– Place label on one side of the basket ONLY if it is a personal item; if all wastebaskets are alike, please do not label any of them.

Some additional reminders!

Don’t forget your friends at the Post Office:

Give them at least one week of “heads up” before the actual move

NOTE: The circulation departments of publications such as Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, etc., and all of your trade journals and publications constantly operate 1-2 months ahead of the date; assume you must provide eight weeks notification.

Supply your Suppliers with Info:

Anticipate that it will take 2-4 weeks for your suppliers’ mail rooms and internal departments (eg: account­ing, logistics, etc) to get on the same page regarding your move.

NOTE: In certain business categories, every day counts – you could incur re-consignment charges from your logistics partners if they feel that they were not given ample notice of your move.

Oh yeah…the Customers!

Remember that this is an important step in your brand experience. An uninformed customer is a customer who could leave you for your competitor; give your customers ample and repeated notification that you will be moving.

NOTE: All business forms (letterhead, invoices, shipping documents, etc) need to be updated with new address and phone numbers (if necessary)

MOVING DAY Checklist

Review these reminders before leaving your office on Moving Day.


  • Desks are empty and labeled
  • Credenzas are empty and labeled
  • Bookcases are empty and labeled
  • Bookcase shelf supports are removed, packed and labeled
  • Lateral files are properly packed and labeled
  • Metal supply cabinets are emptied and labeled
  • All items are removed from walls
  • All computer components are disconnected, labeled and bagged
  • All machines and telephones are unplugged and labeled
  • Desk pads/glass are labeled
  • Lamp shades and bases are labeled
  • Chair mats are labeled
  • Light bulbs are removed, packed and labeled
  • All boxes, crates and library carts and cartons are labeled


  • Equipment requiring vendor service is complete, including any liquids that need to be drained
  • Common areas packed and labeled
  • Building maintenance notified of move specifics
  • Freight elevators reserved at both locations
  • Informational and directional placards hung in new space

POST-MOVE Trouble Report

I need assistance with the following items in my new office:


  • No telephone in office
  • Need additional training
  • No dial tone
  • Other _______________________


  • Missing equipment
  • Missing cables
  • No network access
  • Will not power-up
  • No printer access
  • Other _______________________

FURNITURE: (Please describe in detail)


OTHER: (Please describe in detail)

pdficon_small Click Here for PDF version of Planning Your Move Guide