Corporate Moving FAQs

Q: I’m not a Facilities Manager and this is the first time I’ve planned a move for my company. HELP!

A: No worries! RCS is on the case. One of the best aspects of working with RCS is that you will always have access to our senior management and partners. We will assign an experienced Project Manager to work with you and your staff throughout the planning and operations stages of the project.

The biggest key to successful corporate moving? Communication! We will not only communicate with you, but will assist you in effectively and regularly communicating with your associates.

Q: How much is this commercial move going to cost?

Our estimating process is clear, concise and based on integrity. First, you’ll have contact with one our senior level managers – or perhaps even one of the principal owners of the company – on site to review your needs. We will then spell out exactly how we will meet those needs, detailing what we will do, when we’re going to do it, and how much that will cost you. Once we present this proposal to you, we encourage you to review it thoroughly and to ask us any questions you might have if something needs to be clarified or explained.

Q: How do you make sure that everything that leaves Point A ends up in the right place at Point B?

A: Planning. Placards & Labels. People.

Planning. Again, from the moment our proposal is accepted all the way through the move, communication is key. We will work with you to develop a clear plan that will help you communicate to your associates how best to label there materials and furniture.

RCS moving stickerPlacards & Labels. Think of the Placards as the “Street Signs” and the Labels  as the “Address on the Envelope”; If you have your items labeled properly, and the placards in your new space are accurately placed, then our team will make sure your item is delivered to the right place!

People. We don’t accept the notion of “oh, just put that anywhere.” We also ask questions – if a label isn’t clearly marked, we’ll double-check.

Q: Senior management wants as little disruption as possible. When should we move?

A: The vast majority of our commercial moves begin on a Friday afternoon. We’ll help you prepare your people for a Friday afternoon shut-down. We’ll coordinate with IT to do everything we can so that on Monday morning when your employees show up to work, all they have to do is turn on the monitor and begin getting comfortable in their new space.

Q: What can I tell senior management to give them a comfort level that the move will be done on time?

A: RCS has been moving companies like yours for more than 15 years. This experience gives us the knowledge base we need to accurately estimate costs and timing. Our proposal will spell out self-imposed deadlines and agreed-upon procedures.

Q: What if we need help packing? Or even unpacking after the move?

A: Many companies feel that it is more financially worthwhile to pay us to pack and/or unpack. We are more than happy to assist you in your move preparation, including packing, labeling, coordination with IT and telephony. Once in your new space, we are happy to return to unpack items as well. Again, our proposals take all of your needs into consideration and are broken out by line-item service for your convenience.

Q: What if something gets broken? Do you have insurance?

A: Of course, we train our people well and do everything we can – wrapping, packing, padding – to reduce the risks. Still, things happen. No worries. You’re protected.

Q: Our new space will have all new furniture and work stations. We will likely hang on to some of the old stuff, but we won’t have use for the vast majority of it. What do we do?

A: With RCS, you have a number of options:

  • We have more than 225,000 square feet of storage space and can assist you with inventory management
  • We can also assist by coordinating with a used furniture dealer, recycler or charity.
  • We can further assist you with the appropriate disposal of any pieces that will not find a new home.

Q: On the day of the move, what happens if we need to handle something that wasn’t part of the original scope? How do you handle last minute changes?

A:  Again, our vast corporate moving experience prepares us for situations like these. We know that no two moves are alike. You see within our proposals that we build in a line item for these types of circumstances. Our goal is to get you into your new space efficiently – that all begins with clear expectations and communication. And that communication extends all the way through the move. We will respond to late-minute hiccups with as little disruption as possible..

Q: Where do you get your people?

A: ALL of RCS personnel will be clearly visible by the uniforms they wear. ALL of our full- or part-time staff have been fully trained and hired in accordance with all labor force laws.

They each receive training in packing, wrapping and moving techniques, as well as job safety.

For those employees who get behind the wheel, we provide a Driver’s Ed course for driving a storage van, including approaching loading docks, precautions for backing up and handling turns with additional weight in the trucks.

Q: Our new space has nice marble floors and brand new carpet. How will you protect the floors?

RCS pays attention to the details of the moves – we go to great lengths to protect all surfaces, including floors and walls. For floors, we utilize masonite along walkways in and out of your space; we will often place corner protectors on most pieces of furniture which not only protects the furniture, but your walls as well; in some cases we even use corrugated cardboard to line walls that might be particularly vulnerable.