Data Center Checklist

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Data Center Relocation Checklist

Look around your office. What’s the one thing that you absolutely, positively have to have in place in order to operate in today’s business world? Your IT systems have to be up and running.

So RCS can help you be prepared. We’ll help you get organized through all phases of your corporate move.

Here’s a working checklist for you:

1.         Know what you have:

Long before the monitor is switched off, conduct a detailed inventory:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Serial Numbers
  • Purchasing records of each item

2.         Re-Check Warranties & Maintenance Contracts:

Unlike furniture that simply moves from Point A-to-Point B, your IT systems may have more complicated warranties or recertification requirements when relocating.

3.         Planned Downtime — Communicate the Window of Opportunity:

Build into your corporate moving plan the allowable downtime for your mission-critical systems. Then make sure this downtime schedule is communicated out to the rest of the company. Make sure everyone knows which equipment and software have the highest priorities on the day of the move.

4.         Take a walk with us

It would be very helpful if we could scout out Point B, your data center’s new location. We’d love to do a walk-through with you, even during the proposal phase, so that we might provide you some counsel on potential pitfalls on Corporate Moving Day. Check to be sure the

utilities, network, cabling and other infrastructure components meet

your requirements—before you move.

5.         Don’t give Murphy a chance:

If ever there were a department who couldn’t afford to leave anything to chance, it would be the IT world. Backup, backup, backup!  Store your data in a secure location while the move takes place –our sister company, EnTrust Records Management has a secure tape vault that is climate controlled.