Data Center Moves

These days, access to data and communications is lifeblood of any enterprise. So it is essential that Corporate Moving Planning has a robust IT Plan in place.

Data Center Moving Services:

  • Pre-Move Assessment
  • Rack Breakdown & Crating
  • Cable Packaging & Labeling
  • Coordination with IT for de-installation and re-installation

Who else do we include in IT planning?

  • IT Project Manager (if possible)
  • Hardware Vendors or Strategic Partners
  • Software Vendors or Strategic Partners

Please see our Data Center Checklist to guide you. But here are some project elements to consider:

External Connectivity:

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Wireless

Internal Connectivity:

  • You will likely need to check by location, if you have multiple offices

Construction/Build out timelines (if your new space is being built from the ground up, or being refurbished by a landlord, for example.

Move elements by phase
a. pre-move
b. teardown
c. transit
d. arrival
e. re-assembly

Test and Validation

Post-Move decommissioning